Swimming Pool

Swimming pool in Bucharest

The swimming pool is inside the spa center having the shape of a rectangle. The pool is 20 m long, 7 m wide and 1.52 m deep. The temperature of the water is 30°C in the winter and 28°C in the summer (± 2°C). The PH of the water is between 7.2 and 8.2 and the free residual chlorine concentration is 0.5 mg.
Children under the age of 12 are not allowed, unless supervised. People with skin conditions, respiratory virosis or people who consumed alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
We kindly ask you to take a shower before and after using the swimming pool.

Swimming pool for children

The children swimming pool is also located inside the Spa. Having the shape of a square, this pool has 2.70 m in length and 0.60 m in depth. The water temperature is 30°C in the winter and 28°C in the summer (± 2°C).
Children with skin conditions or respiratory virosis are not allowed. All children must be accompanied by their parent/tutor.

The whirlpool is next to the swimming pool. It is made of mosaic and has a capacity of 8 adults. A wonderful wellbeing sensation is creating by pumping air and water into the whirlpool. It has a circular shape of 2.64 meters diameter and 0.85 meters depth. The temperature of the water is between 36° and 38° C.
Children under 12 years old are not allowed, unless supervised by their parent/tutor. Persons with skin conditions or who consumed alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
We kindly ask you to use the showers before and after using the whirlpool.

Aqua gym – water exercises, is one of the most pleasant and easiest ways to make exercises and have fun in the same time. Unlike the usual exercises performed in a fitness room or outdoor, water exercises are not aggressive at all, having the minimal impact to the spine and joints. The water, depending of the pool depth, can take up to 90% of your body weight and it is 12 times more resistant than air. Thus all movements in the water are slow and gentle, with not much stress on the joints. The natural resistance of the water increases the efficiency of the exercises by activating all muscles.

Unlike aerobic or fitness, aqua gym is for everyone, no matter the age or physical condition. For those with certain medical conditions, aqua gym can be therapeutic as well. It can prevent or treat affections like:
* degenerative affections of the spine (spondylosis);
* posture problems related to spine (scoliosis, kyphosis);
* degenerative affections of the joints (arthritis);
* troubles related to peripheral circulation (venous and arterial insufficiency);
* osteoporosis (it helps rebuild bone density);
* sleep disorder;
* mild psychical disorders, monitored and medicated (depressions, affective disorders

Did you know:
Studies have revealed that 30 minutes of aqua gym equal to one hour and 30 minutes of fitness?
Depending on the pool depth and difficulty of exercises, one can burn up to 800 calories during an aqua gym session?
Aqua gym is the most appropriate physical activity for women during their pregnancy? The physical effort is minimal and the water exercises improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation both for the mother and her baby.

* Water exercises, if practised on a regular basis, can have real benefits for your health:
improve the activity of cardiovascular and respiratory system
* fortify the joints
* reduce adipose tissue
* increase muscular endurance and elasticity
* improve psychical disposition and sleep quality

Program: Tuesday and Thursday from 08.30 with Andrei Ionut
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Non-members price: 60 euro/month (12 sessions) or 7 euro/session
Members price: 35 euro/month (12 sessions) or 5 euro/session