Burn calories and have fun
Spinning – a new sport discipline that will keep in shape! Climb hills, do laps, get energized on stationary bikes. You get the chance to do one hour of cardio exercises with Roman Andrei and Matei Cristian. You will visibly improve your physical strength after a few sessions only. And you will burn around 500 de kcal whiteout the usual sore muscles. Workout and get relaxed. Eliminate the stress. Train your heart in a very energetic way.
Spinning – your way to the ideal shape. It’s good to lose weight. And it’s all fun.

The schedule of spinning classes:
Tuesday and Thursday with Roman Andrei – Spinning Beginners from 18:00 – 19:00*
Friday with Roman Andrei – Spinning from 18:00 – 19:00*
Tuesday and Thursday with Roman Andrei – Spinning Advanced from 19:00 – 20:00*
* You must first call at the reception before attending classes to check for availability. This schedule is available for at least 2 participants.
See the prices for spinning passes.

Cycling Bike NXT, 12 machines.
This is a stationary spinning bike used for cycling/spinning classes. It is the idea equipment for slimming, keep your lower body and feet muscles in shape and improve your cardio-respiratory system.
Manufacturer: LifeFitness
Spinner NXT series