Fitness Centre


The cardio area is designed for people who enjoy individual cardio workouts using running bands, bicycles and ecliptics. We recommend this area to those who wish to maintain healthy their cardio-respiratory system or to those who are interested in a slimming program.

This area is designed for people who wish to introduce in their fitness program exercises with weights on the pulley, made to ease the movement without affecting the result: segment muscle tone. In this area you can have personalized exercise programs according to your level, your style and with the possibility of being assisted by a fitness instructor.

Recovery / kinesiotherapy
This area is created for physical recovery after accidents and also for special programs regarding the prevention of vicious positions: kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis. These programs are under the kinesiotherapist supervision.

Free weights
This area is designed for people who wish to increase their bodymuscles. The exercises with free weights are more difficult than those with weights on the pulley. For this reason we recommend you to work only under the supervision of a trainer.

Spinning is a cardio effort on special bikes, performed in groups, with rhythmic music, conducted by a spinning trainer. This is a training adapted to any fitness level, being suitable for both advanced and for beginners. It is recommended for obtaining a healthy cardio-respiratory resistance and for people who wish to start a weight loss program.

Aerobic / Pilates

Aerobic classes can help one lose weight, decrease stress levels and strengthen immunity system. All exercises are performed in a rhythmic way. The aerobics improves all your body functions, you become more cardio-respiratory resistant, healthier and have a better coordination.

Personal Trainer Passes
Training exercises under the guidance of a personal trainer. The package includes monitoring progress, body weight and individual diet prescription. The personalized fitness package has the advantage of deepening the techniques and exercise for people who want to achieve better performance in this area. This pass should be used within 3 months of purchase.