SPA- the largest Spa in Bucharest

Orhideea Health & Spa is the largest spa in Bucharest having an effective area of about 3000 square meters. The guest of our apart-hotel can enjoy the services of the spa center by booking an apartment with spa access included or by paying an additional fee on site. Our guests also get a 10% discount of all therapies offered by Orhideea Spa. Any therapy must booked in advance. For more information, please visit www.orhideeaspa.ro or contact the reception.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is inside the spa center having the shape of a rectangle. The pool is 20 m long, 7 m wide and 1.52 m deep. The temperature of the water is 30°C in the winter and 28°C in the summer (± 2°C). Children under the age of 12 are not allowed, unless supervised. People with skin conditions, respiratory virosis or people who consumed alcoholic beverages are not allowed. We kindly ask you to take a shower before and after using the swimming pool. Jumping or diving into the pool is forbidden.


The whirlpool is next to the swimming pool. It is made of mosaic and has a capacity of 8 adults. A wonderful wellbeing sensation is creating by pumping air and water into the whirlpool. It has a circular shape of 2.64 meters diameter and 0.85 meters depth. The temperature of the water is between 36° and 38° C.
Children under 12 years old are not allowed, unless supervised by their parent/tutor. Persons with skin conditions or who consumed alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
We kindly ask you to use the showers before and after using the whirlpool.

Ice & Fire

We offer you an unforgettable experience: ice and fire, in the form of alternating sensations that will make you fell reinvigorated.

Finnish Sauna – this is a sauna in a heated wood room with a stone stove in the middle. Inside the Finish sauna the humidity is around 10% and the temperature between 85° and 90°C. The benefits can be felt after just 5 minutes throughout profuse sweating.

Infrared sauna – this is a sauna in a heated wood room, electrically heated. It has the advantage of low humidity and temperatures (around 55°C). A maximum of 5 persons can sit in this sauna. It is recommended for people with rheumatic conditions.

Scottish shower – The Scottish shower consists of wooded bucket suspended into Ice&Fire Area with a chain handle. The temperature of the water inside the bucket is approximately 18° C. Our recommendation is to poor cold water on you when getting out of the sauna or the Turkish bath.

Hamam – The Turkish bath, originally named Hamam, is a steam bath with a temperature of maximum 40° C. The Turkish bath accommodates a mosaic heated bed, a smooth area of approximately 4 sq.m. where one can enjoy a massage therapy, and finally a waiting area with heated mosaic benches. There are three stone fountains with cold and hot water.

Kneipp bath – Named after the German pastor Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1879) who invented it, the therapy with cold and warm water improves the blood circulation of the whole body. The Kneipp is made of a heated mosaic bench, which has two little tubes, one with cold water (approx. 17°C) and the other with warm water (approx. 40°C).